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Marcello Pinto

Why does Apple have so much Cash?

Apple's management has suggested that it aims to reduce the cash pile. The company realises that this is not exactly an efficient way of... More »

Ignore Trumps Easter tweets and focus on investing

In the context of the stock market at large, US President Donald Trump's twitter tirades are in fact a mere distraction to investing fundamentals... More »

Bitcoin (BTC) sell-off continues

Bitcoin is on track for its worst quarter ever with $140 billion dollars having been wiped off its market cap. More »

Why you shouldn’t buy Woodside Petroleum Limited (ASX: WPL)

A favourite among Australian portfolio managers is Woodside Petroleum Limited (ASX: WPL), but is it worth buying? More »

Resapp Health Ltd: A speculative stock you should keep your eye on

Resapp Health Ltd (ASX: RAP) is an upcoming mobile phone application, which aims to develop a digital healthcare app that can diagnose patients without... More »

Why Gold is a poor investment

Gold is viewed as the ultimate hedge against inflation, as there is a limited global supply compared to fiat currency, however it makes for... More »

Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd (ASX: CCL) is a hold for now

Coca Cola is continuously pursuing new avenues of growth and now has a larger portfolio than ever, but I would recommend only holding shares... More »

Why Wesfarmers Ltd (ASX: WES) spinning-off Coles is great news for investors

Wesfarmers Ltd (ASX:WES) decision to spin off Coles is great news for investors. More »

Why Australian Dairy Farms Group (ASX: AHF) surged last week

Shares of Australian Dairy Farms Group (ASX: AHF) surged more than 20 percent last week. More »

How to pick a company to invest in

For beginners in the stock market, picking a company to invest in might feel like a very intimidating process. There are so many different... More »

Why you should keep avoiding Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin (BTC) has declined 40% since the beginning of 2018. More »

Why it may not be too late to buy Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd. (ASX:DMP)

In the last 10 years, shareholders of Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd. (ASX:DMP) have earned a whopping 1250% return, despite the recent drop in the... More »

How rising interest rates can affect your portfolio

Interest rates are the most important investment benchmark. What’s the best way to protect yourself from declines in the stock market? More »

Why I think Bitcoin and Litecoin prices could tumble lower in 2018

The bitcoin price could collapse according to some leading investment experts. More »