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How Goldman Sachs Outsmarted Buffett

“Every day that Goldman does not call our preferred is money in the bank,” Warren Buffett said last year. “Our preferred is paying $15... More »

The End of Nuclear Power?

This column may be premature, with events at Japan’s damaged nuclear power plants still unfolding. But regardless of whether events end in a catastrophic... More »

Buffett Spends $9 Billion On Lubrizol

When Warren Buffett buys, he buys big. That’s because the 80-year-old investor — dubbed ‘the Oracle of Omaha’ for his remarkable market-beating returns —... More »

The Wonderfully Simple Rule Of 72

The Rule of 72 lets you estimate, with a fair degree of accuracy, how long it will take a lump sum investment to double... More »

Buffett’s Crazy Comments Show Why He’s Successful

After recently announcing he wouldn’t seek re-election as a board member of the Washington Post, Warren Buffett made it clear that Berkshire Hathaway isn’t... More »

Buffett’s Letter: 5 Investing Lessons

If Warren Buffett had a big, flowy, white beard, some people would view of the release of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual letter as like having... More »

Why India Is Sexier Than China

A question that often surfaces in Foolish investing circles is: China or India? Which one will be the greater economic story? There’s no definitive... More »

The 10 Most Important Bits of Warren Buffett’s Letter to Shareholders

Warren Buffett released his yearly letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders on Saturday. The letter is important, and not just to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, because... More »

Don’t Just Listen To The Experts

You may have heard of U.S. ‘celebrity’ experts Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini, Robert Shiller, and Meredith Whitney. But are you familiar with Noreena Hertz?... More »

Dr. Doom Gets Bullish?

As if we weren’t already concerned about certain sectors of the share market thanks to speculative excesses, now the US’ very own Dr. Doom,... More »

Shock: Share Markets Can Fall Too

News flash: sometimes shares go down. You have to prepare for market declines — or else you’ll be a sitting duck when they inevitably... More »

You Need A Million Dollars

We hope we don’t ruin your day with this news flash, but you know that comfy retirement you’re dreaming of? The one where you... More »

4 Easy Steps to a Richer Retirement

Never before have so many people faced so many threats to their long-term financial survival. But no matter where you are on the path... More »

10 Really Simple Financial Lessons to Live By

If you liked The Black Swan, you’ll love Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s latest book, The Bed of Procrustes. Unlike Taleb’s previous books, there’s no storytelling... More »