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The Next Battle Over Apple

There are battle lines forming in the world of technology. It’s a largely silent battle thus far, restricted to the behind-the-scenes world of “supply... More »

DuluxGroup Limited paints a picture of solid growth

DuluxGroup Limited (ASX:DLX) has reported a strong operating result for 2011, with earnings increasing despite supply constraints due to the Queensland floods, and softness in New... More »

3 Things to remember about Buffett’s buying spree

In 2001, Warren Buffett told Fortune magazine that stocks would look attractive if the total market capitalisation of all U.S. equities dipped below 80% of gross... More »

Keep Fighting, 99%

Protesters are rightly upset. Many feel the economic system doesn't work for them anymore. It goes well beyond inequality or bank bailouts. More »

Myer takes off despite falling sales

Myer is up 6.5% in early morning trade after releasing first quarter results and full year guidance. Myer reported sales of $681.4 million, down 3.5... More »

Attention Protestors: You’re probably part of the 1%

The recent Occupy Wall Street protests (and their Occupy Sydney and Occupy Melbourne cousins) have aimed their message at the income disparity between the... More »

6 steps to becoming a master investor

Regardless of which field you want to master, these six building blocks are the key. We combine these six keys to success in our... More »

Fear, Frustration, and the Eurozone Crisis

Our recent survey found 75% are tired of Europe's inability to handle its finances. Hopefully that means the other 25% are happy digging for... More »

1 Dividend Stock to Buy in November

Dividend investing in today's market. Today, we can buy an excellent operator that's trading at historically low multiples on book value and earnings. More »

Driverless trucks to drive Rio Tinto’s profits

Rio Tinto accelerates the rollout of its mine of the future. More »

Greece is the word, sending sharemarkets tumbling, again

U.S. stocks have slumped to their biggest two-day fall in a month as fears of more problems in Europe gripped markets. What gives with... More »

Cheap oil isn’t coming back

Oil is unquestionably becoming harder, and more expensive to find. Fight back from permanently high petrol prices by discovering cheap, growing oil stocks. More »

Did Facebook’s $100 billion dream just die?

Once thought to be worth $100 billion or more, new data says Facebook is trading for an implied value of $68.2 billion. More »

The Eurozone Crisis Is Over! … Or Is It?

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Were Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy taking a page out of The Godfather's book? To read some... More »