Motley Fool Australia’s Premium Subscription Services

Discover a suite of investment products tailored specifically to YOUR investment needs, helping to ensure you achieve superior long-term returns and peace of mind when it comes to YOUR hard-earned money.

  • Share Advisor

    Market-thrashing returns + a friendly community of like-minded investors = one of Australia’s fastest growing and most popular stock-picking services…

    As a member of Motley Fool Share Advisor, you’ll receive one ‘best of the best’ ASX pick each month – the one stock our advisors believe will position you to outperform the market and grow your money year after year. (You’ll also receive one bonus US pick.)

    You’ll also have the chance to meet and interact with Scott Phillips, our Motley Fool Share Advisor investment advisor, as well as your fellow ASX investors on our members-only discussion boards.

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  • Dividend Investor

    Want to boost your investment income right now? There’s a brand-new Foolish service for you! Try it out now.

    You’ll get access to our favourite dividend-paying ASX shares in Motley Fool Dividend Investor. Every single month, we’ll bring you one new recommendation – making sure that it’s easy and simple for you to pursue greater dividend income AND superior long-term investing returns.

    Even better, you can rest assured that Andrew Page, our Motley Fool Dividend Investor investment advisor, is on hand to answer your questions.

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  • Hidden Gems

    Looking for tomorrow’s big names and massive winners in the exciting world of ASX small caps? You’re in the right place.

    Growth-minded investors know that it’s crucial to look beyond the ‘usual suspects’ and marquee names when it comes to finding that next great ASX winner. That’s where Motley Fool Hidden Gems comes in.

    Motley Fool Hidden Gems is our exclusive small-cap stock-picking service, offering Australian investors like you a little more risk in exchange for what could be a lot more reward. Members receive timely ‘buy alerts’ as soon as our team identifies a new and promising small company.

    Please note that membership in Motley Fool Hidden Gems is strictly capped due to the nature of small-cap investing. You can join our email list to ensure you receive an invitation the next time membership opens to the public.

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  • Million Dollar Portfolio

    Follow along with the Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio as Matt Joass invests $1 million of The Motley Fool’s real money into a fully diversified ASX portfolio.

    Matt is constructing and actively managing the portfolio in full view of members, choosing what he considers to be the “best of the best” companies taken directly from the Motley Fool Share Advisor, Motley Fool Dividend Investor and Motley Fool Hidden Gems services.

    Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio allows members to follow Matt’s exact trades and portfolio allocation advice, the ultimate goal being to protect and growth your wealth, over time.

    Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio is only open to new members once or twice per year. Join our email list to ensure you are alerted the next time we are taking new members.

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  • Pro

    A super premium portfolio service offering members unprecedented stock ideas and exclusive access… Perhaps the ONLY service of its kind in Australia!

    Open to new members only once or twice per year, Motley Fool Pro allows Australian investors the chance to follow along TRADE FOR TRADE as Joe Magyer and Matt Joass invest $1 million of The Motley Fool’s own money all in ASX stocks.

    Talk about premium! Motley Fool Pro’s analyst team travels farther and wider than the average investor, asking CEOs the tough questions and bringing a superior level of research to members.

    Widely regarded as one of the world’s top stock pickers, lead advisor Joe Magyer is a frequent guest on national and international business programs. Be sure to join our free email list to discover more – and to receive your invitation to invest like a Pro.

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