13 Steps to Financial Freedom

Your 13 Steps To Financial Freedom

Welcome! You may not realise it yet, but this may be your ticket to financial freedom. We’re talking about the kind of freedom where... More »

Step1: The Miracle Of Compound Returns

This one simple concept could change your life. Forever. Albert Einstein called the deceptively simple concept the “greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” We... More »

Step 2: Trade Wisdom for Foolishness

When you’re plying your trade in the investment world, calling yourself Foolish (note the capital “F”) is normally inadvisable. As you’ve probably surmised, we... More »

Step 3: Get Control Of Your Money

It might sound incredibly basic, but getting control of your money is about spending less than you earn. Boring, hey? Wouldn’t it be fun... More »

Step 4: Dump Your Debts

These days, being in debt is almost considered normal. The average adult has non-mortgage debts of several thousand dollars, and pays interest rates well... More »

Step 5: Prepare For Investing Take-Off

Pardon us for interrupting your illustrious investing career for this very important public service announcement: Any money you need in the next month, five... More »

Step 6: Share Market Investing! Seriously, It’s Simple

What would you do if we said you were missing out on an investing strategy that, in the long run, has produced returns that... More »

Step 7: The Dirty Little Secret Of Managed Funds

Active fund managers get paid to beat the market. Funny thing, though, is that most fail. What is not funny is why they fail.... More »

Step 8: The Great Dividend Tax Advantage

The old saying goes there are two things certain in life – taxes and death. Since you’re reading this, we presume you’re alive and... More »

Step 9: Asset Allocation

As fun as finding winning shares is (and trust us, it really is fun), your allocation to shares (equities) is only one slice in... More »

Step 10: Avoid the Biggest Mistake Investors Make

We’re about to share with you the secret to avoiding a $10 billion investing mistake. It’s not more money, a higher IQ, or superb... More »

Step 11: Buy Your First Shares

When you buy a share, you’re purchasing a stake in a living, breathing business. Buy shares of your favourite electrical store and you own... More »

Step 12: Five Reasons To Sell

When should I sell? This is one of the most frequent questions we hear. Our glib (yet truthy!) answer is: Almost Never. We’ll come... More »

Step 13: Tell Your Friends & Colleagues

The very fact that you are reading this sentence tells us a lot about your character. Clearly, you crave knowledge since you’re actively seeking... More »