Andrew Page

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Why investors should look beyond the numbers

What the company said -- and what the market thinks -- are two different things. More »

Ripoff Or Bargain?

If you want to be a successful sharemarket investor, you must be able to assess the value of a business. More »

Fortune Favours The Brave

There are few guarantees with investing in shares; even the bluest of the blue chips can prove poor investments in time. More »

Fortune Favours The Brave

It’s about buying quality companies, at sensible prices, and giving them time to deliver on expectations. More »

Pundits And Prices

Why is it impossible to predict short term share prices? More »

Whitehaven no safe haven

Opinions vary, but don’t rush in More »

Malcolm and the market

What a new PM means for the market More »

A Matter Of Perspective

Remember, the sharemarket (like property) is only as risky as you make it. More »

Keep Calm… And Invest On (Foolishly)

We can’t know what the future will bring. But we can apply timeless investing rules and put ourselves in a position to do very,... More »

A Man And His Dog

It’s the 64 million dollar question when it comes to buying shares -- and one that we all ask. More »

Profit from pay-day lending

It’s a necessary service, but can it be market-beating? More »

Beyond The Banks

With interest rates at record lows — and likely to drop lower — high yielding, dividend paying shares have never been more attractive. More »

Smart, But Not Infallible

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the seemingly compelling patterns seen on markets More »

Why Did You Buy Those Shares..?

What do you know about your shares? More »